44444 Angel Number

44444 Angel Number

4:44 44% 9th

444+44+9 = 29 = 11 Also if you just add 9+4=13

I see 11 and 13 together A LOT! and I mean a lot. I am an 11 life path number and my parents woke me up from the spirit world using the number 13. So seeing 11 and 13 with this sync has really caught my eye. 444 44 I have heard if you see this number it refers to you have had a really hard life since birth. You’ve had to go through many traumatic experiences. I did have a Kundalini dark night of the soul awakening. I was woke up by snakes, phoenix’s and dragons. Which I will be posting all of my spiritual images very soon. So for me synching to this number the way I did has really been an eye opener. I am healing a lot of past trauma that I had to endure. When I have a negative thought in my mind I become aware of it and then I dig deep inside to see what I am feeling at that exact time. I pull up whatever thought it is and I somehow heal it. I sometimes have to relive some traumas so I can fully forgive. Also remember that, that trauma does not define me. I had to go through some terrible things to make me the person I am today. Which looking back, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for those things happening. God works in mysterious ways. I am falling in love with this new me. I am very grateful for this synchronization. I know that I am on the right path to healing. Leveling up!

Also, if I’m listening to a song while I see a sync I will play that song back and listen to the words. There are meanings in these songs that fit my life at that exact moment. When I saw 44444 I was listening to Ariana Grande No tears left to cry and that song seriously spoke to me.

All of these experiences are mine. You are going to have different experiences than anyone else’s experiences. I can’t say that I’m right about any of this. I need to witness it, experience it to really believe that it is true. But who’s to say that those experiences are the correct ones. It’s like one big circle. That’s why I just live in the moment. I have surrendered my life over to God our creator. I was like okay God, I’m giving you the reigns of my life, I am no longer in control. I will follow you wherever it is that you lead me. I accepted my mission. Ever since then I have been fully in tune with them. Each day I feel myself ascending higher and higher.

Have you gotten the 444 44 synch? Would love to know. Comment on Ambiance Awakening Facebook page with your Angel synchronicity. Remember to always thank our Angels for the gift of numbers that we receive. <3

Dedicating this number to my very good friend Daniel. 44!!

Gina Marie

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