1140 17 Angel Number on Repeat

1140 17 Angel Number on Repeat

11:40 17% 4fb 7740e 14t

Like come on. Seriously. You can’t even make this stuff up. There’s a number sequence of 1740 or 1470 or 1740 or 0174 or 7740 yada yada yada. Are the angels trying to send me an S.O.S. I’m trying to let them know I am fully aware of their numbers. How I believe that I have tapped into their mind frame is that I live in the moment and I live from my heart. I learned to love again. I have dropped all sorts of negative programming. I have started from scratch. Everything I once knew I tossed it out the window. I wanted to start fresh and brand new. I stay present and by being present I am able to be more alert. It’s like I have tapped into their radio frequency. My pineal gland / third eye is open. Which I’m very thankful for.

Always remember to thank our Angels for all of the signs they send us. Have you had this synchronicity? Would love to know. Comment on Ambiance Awakening Facebook page with your Angel synchronicity. <3

Gina Marie

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