1108 18 Angel Number

1108 18 Angel Number

11:08 18%

10 + 9= 19= 10 = 1

I like to break down the numbers to get the main numerology number which is between 1-9. I do not know for sure what these numbers mean. I just know I see them and I’m fully aware that there is a phenomenon experience going on. I’m just an average joe and I see numbers. They speak to me in a way. I believe they are angels, my ancestors, my higher self communicating with me on a much deeper level. I’ve had a lot of very odd things happen to me ever since my awakening. And seeing numbers is definitely one. As I’m speaking it’s 11:17 17%. It’s like I have opened up Heavens gate.

Have you had this synchronicity? Would love to know. Comment on Ambiance Awakening Facebook page with your Angel synchronicity. <3

Gina Marie

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